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Costs Management and Budgeting, for Solicitors who are serious about maximising costs.

Alex Milne Law Costing Services (AM Law) provides a full Costs Management Service that includes Drafting, Negotiation and Costs Advocacy. We can also assist you with all areas of Costs Budgeting, so your staff to devote more time to fee earning.

Our team of Legal Costs Specialists have a proven track record dealing with high value costs claims, and acting for law firms nationwide. Those firms trust AM Law to deliver a cost management service that will save them time and money.

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Fast & Efficient Law Costing Services

AM Law provide fast and efficient Law Costing Services for our key services of Costs Management, Bill Drafting and Negotiations and more.

AM Law Costs Advocacy Services

Costs Advocacy

Experienced and practiced advocates who understand the importance of presenting a strong case for you in court.

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Costs Specialists Team

AM Law Specialists are dedicated to meeting the costs management demands of your law firm.

In order to meet the demands of your firm, our team can work with you at every stage, either in-house or remotely, to allow your fee earners continued access to the ‘live’ file.

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Our expert team of Costs Specialists will:

  • Prepare Precedent H costs budgets;
  • Consider and provide advice on the opponent’s costs budget;
  • Negotiate budgets with third parties;
  • Amend and update cost budgets following negotiations between the parties and CCMC;
  • Attend Costs and Case Management Conferences; and
  • Monitor your WIP post CCMC/CMO to ensure that you do not exceed your budgeted costs.

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Our Legal Costs Management Services make Financial Sense

It is important for law firms to plan litigation effectively in order to maximise costs recovery. Instructing AM Law to assist with your Costs Management allows your fee earners to concentrate on fee earning. We go the extra mile to help your law firm save money and generate income. With AM Law in your corner, it’s always a Win-Win solution.

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For details of Law Costs Management services, contact us online, or call our teams.

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